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Since November 29. 2004 the Support Our Troops Committee of the Walworth County Council of the American Legion has held a rally in the Board Room of the County Government Center on the square in downtown Elkhorn at 11:00AM every Monday.  Post 95 of Delavan was an original advocate of the concept and immediatly embraced the idea of weekly rallies to show support of troops with ties to Walworth County who are serving or who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Every Monday morning since November 29,2004 members of Post 95 and the auxiliary play a major role in the rallies and Post 95 has contributed generously.


As of October 24, 2013 

Walworth County is made up of 10 Legion Posts

First Rally was held on November 29, 2004

Four hundred fifty two weekly rallies held since then

Estimated attendance to date:  12,090

Names read of troops "In Country" and returned

Boxes* sent :  1,809 (Estimated value:  $54,270.00)

Phone cards sent:  435 (Value:  $5,433.72)

Backpacks sent to Afghanistan:  160

Small flags sent to troops:  217

Holiday Cards sent:  1,205

Shipped: 2,369 Cool Ties, 235 Cool Dos, 178 Scarves, 92 Liners, 53 Quilts, 216 Baseball/Softball gloves w/balls, 5 Phones w/MagicJack,
35 Coffee Makers, 19 Flash lights & 6 GPSs

Black balloons released for Wisconsin KIA:  107

Troops currently in Afghanistan/Other:  6

Troops who have served and returned:  439

Troops who have attended a rally:  115

9,306 Thank You cards for troops distributed

764 Get Well cards for wounded distributed

8,505 Support Our Troops bracelets distributed

*Total weight of boxes of treats & supplies over NINE tons!

Local KIA: 4

Justin Linden-June 4, 2004  
Keith Nurnberg-September 5, 2007 
Matthew Hermanson-April 28, 2011
David Johnson-January 25, 2012