Delavan Legion Post 95


Memorial Day May 29th, 2023

Delavan’s 2023 Memorial Day Parade and ceremony begins at 9:00 am on May 29th.  The parade starts at the intersection of Main Street & Walworth Avenue, along Walworth Ave (the brick street) to 7th street and into Spring Grove Cemetery for a ceremony including rifle salute and taps. The ceremony is led by Mayor Ryan Schroeder and includes presentations by veterans of the Delavan American Legion Post 95. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will be held at 9:30 am at DDHS School Auditorium, Delavan Wi.

Our program



May 29, 2023

                                                            Wayne Southern, Custodian, Spring Grove Cemetery

                                                            Brian Leitzke, Superintendent, St. Andrews Cemetery

                                                            DDHS Students Signing the pledge for the Hearing Impaired


                                                         1. Prelude DDHS school Band - Mr. Nick Stark, Dir.

                                                         2. Welcome - Master of Ceremonies – Mayor Schroeder

                                                         3. Invocation – Len Hahn Post 95 (Chaplain)

                                                         4. Pledge of Allegiance –Len Hahn/ DDHS Students signing

                                                         5. National Anthem – DDHS Band

                                                         6. Speaker of the Day – Tom Bohling

                                                         7. Roll Call of Deceased Veterans – Larry Malsch

                                      8. Poppy Princess– McKenna Lynn Reshkus-Meyers, Aux Pres, Jo Dewart

                                     9. Wreath Presentation- Brian Buzzell, Aux Pres, Jo Dewart

                                    10. Wreath Presentation - Daughters of the Union Veterans of the

                                                  Civil War- Mary Chesebro Lee, Detachment #23

                                     11. Concluding RemarksMayor Schroeder

                                     12. Rifle Salute, Post #95 Firing Squad

                                     13. Taps by DDHS Buglers, Saul Nova Ortiz and Ethan Hiemstra.

Special Services at Old Settlers Cemetery

Introduction Mayor Schroeder

                                                                                             Prayer- Len Hahn (Post 95 Chaplain)

                                                                                             National Anthem DDHS School Band                                                                                                                                                                                             Rifle Salute Post #95 Firing Squad and Taps

                                                      Special Services at Roselawn and East Delavan Cemeteries

                                                                                      Post #95 Color Guard, Firing Squad and DDHS Buglers